Veronica Mars Kickstarter Campaign Raises $2 Million!

More and more filmmakers are producing projects without the help of major production studios. Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular and is changing the way independent films are being made. With the help of donations, filmmakers are now able to increase their budget which then allows them to spend money on higher quality video equipment, sets, props, a larger, more experienced crew and cast, etc… This is a very exciting time for independent filmmakers!

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Yesterday was a monumental day for independent film.  Over $2 million was raised in just ONE DAY on a Kickstarter campaign to fund The Veronica Mars Movie Project.

The movie will be based on the original Veronica Mars television show, starring Kristen Bell.  Apparently the show’s creator, Rob Thomas and Bell herself, have tried to produce the feature film spin-off for years; however, Warner Bros., who owns the Veronica Mars brand, was not keen on the idea.  So Thomas and Bell took matters into their own hands and with WB’s blessing, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2 million to produce their feature.  (No independent film had ever attempted to raise so much.)

Why is this HUGE for independent film?  Because it legitimizes crowdfunding as a viable and professional form of financing a film project.  Sure, crowdfunding has been around a while now, but no film has ever…

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