Featuring One of Our Newest Video Ice Products

Video Ice 100cm 39″ Camera Track Dolly Slider w/Fluid Head ROLLER Bearing Nikon Canon DSLR


A full featured professional camera slider for Heavy Duty Camera Systems that provides shake-free stability & Support to Cameras while shooting.

The 100cm long Linear Camera Slider is the quietest, smoothest and most versatile camera slider on the market today. It allows you to mobilize any movie camera, video camera, digital camera or other piece of equipment. As you slide the camera across the slider and take pictures, each picture is seeing the subject at a different angle.

The benefit to the Linear Camera Slider is that, it is ultra compact and convenient, and takes seconds to assemble. The Linear Camera Slider can take the place of a Camera Dolly System. It is so versatile and convenient that it completes your video even in a tight space and in much less time than a camera dolly can manage.

You can mount your own Fluid Head onto the Linear Camera Slider to produce more angles and positions to create an extraordinary video shoot.


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