After we watched the trailer for Nebraska over and over again we could not help but think of the magic of black and white films. We can’t pin-point what exactly draws us to them, but there is a timeliness in them that is just breathtaking. BuzzFeed¬†currently compiled a list of “31 Black and White Films Every Twenty Something Needs To See” and we couldn’t help but smile every time we saw one of our favorites up there.

They have put together a list of films that go from funny, to sad, to heartwarming, to coming-of-age stories, that every twenty something truly does need to watch. We will leave you with a trailer for one of the most recent films up on that list as well as the link to the full list. We can’t wait to be able to cross all those lists off our Holiday Movies List in the next couple of weeks. Let us know if you have seen any of those or are planning on watching a few; you know we love to hear from you guys!