Alexander Payne and Black and White


Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne recently opened critically acclaimed feature “Nebraska.” He also recently told the Canadian press that he doesn’t want anyone to ever watch “Nebraska” in color. Apparently Paramount Vantage pressured Payne into cutting a color version of his film so that it could be more marketable in foreign territories, but Payne was extremely against it.

Payne eventually agreed to cutting colored versions for TV outlets in specific territories like Sierra Leone and Laos, so that “Nebraska” could make TV profit. About the film and the black-and-white, Payne said, “It’s like a modern-day Depression film because of the black-and-white, but I wasn’t thinking about that before; it just happened because of when we were turning the camera on.”

Do you think Payne and directors in general should have complete creative control on where their films are marketed and how? Do you side with Payne or think Paramount Vantage had a point? Check the full article on Variety.