Acclaimed Phone App “Temple Run” Is Going to Be a Movieā€¦?

It’s okay guys, that was our reaction too. Maybe a little bit of water flew out of our mouths as we read the news, but that’s not really importantā€¦

Warner Bros. and producer David Heyman are in negotiation to buy the rights to acclaimed phone app, “Temple Run” and bring it to the big screens. The film will tell a story of an explorer who after stealing a sacred icon from a temple is chased by demonic forces.

They still don’t have a writer attached to the project, and we’re curious to see who is going to take on this complicated project. We don’t know about you guys, but we were wondering how they are going to keep the story going for at least 80 minutes. Good luck to that writer!

We are willing to give this film a shot, who knows, maybe they’ll come up with something really creative. We’re betting it’ll come out in 3D. How about you guys? Would you pay to watch this adaptation on the big screen? Don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comment section below! We want to hear what you guys have to say about this!